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Why join ACSI South Asia?

Do you operate a Christian school in South Asia? If so, Network with ACSI South Asia is an excellent choice!

By joining, you will be connected with a national and global community of Christian Educators to meet your unique needs, with experts who can help with your special challenges, and peers with whom you can relate.


1. Teacher Training for global competencies for in-service teachers.

2. Leadership development for existing and next-generation leadership.

3. School improvement programs for global standards.

4. Global partnerships and networking with regional and international schools and business. 

5. Fellowship – times of prayer and Biblical integration.

Be part of something bigger. ACSI is here to support you with resources your school needs for academic excellence.

To join, please complete this form: 

Thank you in advance for your interest!

Please contact us at info@acsisouthasia.org or call / text at +91- 779 7722 779 for more details.