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ACSI South Asia seeks to develop excellence in our schools through high quality and globally standardized professional development training.

Our Training is intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage. It includes and is not limited to formal coursework, certification courses, conferences, formal and informal learning opportunities situated in practice.

Training programs are made available to professionals including teachers, administrators, principals and board members. Experts from across the globe have authored the program to equip new or in-service teachers to provide the highest quality training possible.

Aspects of programs including but not limited to are as follows:


  • In service / summer programs
  • Class room management
  • Curriculum implementation
  • teaching techniques


  • Hiring Teachers
  • Parent Associations
  • Improving Academic Quality

Board Members:

  • Development training
  • Governance training
  • Risk management
  • Exploring practical frameworks
  • Crisis management


  • Finances
  • Budgeting
  • Transport
  • Staffing
  • News and Information
  • Events
  • Building Plans
  • Government Regulations
  • Public Relations