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Professional Development

ACSI South Asia seeks to develop excellence in our schools through high quality and globally standardized professional development training. Our Training is intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage. It includes and is not limited to formal coursework, certification courses, conferences, formal and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. Training programs are made available to professionals including teachers, administrators, principals and board members. Experts from across the globe have authored the program to equip new or in-service teachers to...

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Christian Educators Network

Welcome to ACSI South Asia! If you are a Christian and working in a Christian School anywhere in South Asia, you are at the right place to sign up as a member of ACSI South Asia Christian Educators Community!  Benefits of Christian Educators Network: Connections Network and fellowship with Schools in South Asia.  Invitation for Monthly Prayer Meetings Opportunities Job openings at Schools in our Network *Opportunities to host webinars *Opportunities to speak at a Panel Discussion Conferences Development Free...

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Join – Christian Schools Network

Why join ACSI South Asia? Do you operate a Christian school in South Asia? If so, Network with ACSI South Asia is an excellent choice! By joining, you will be connected with a national and global community of Christian Educators to meet your unique needs, with experts who can help with your special challenges, and peers with whom you can relate. BENEFITS: 1. Teacher Training for global competencies for in-service teachers. 2. Leadership development for existing and next-generation leadership. 3....

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